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Advantages and disadvantages of thermal transfer
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Advantages and disadvantages of thermal transfer

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Advantages and disadvantages of thermal transfer

Advantages of thermal transfer:

Simple printing-no need for plate making, printing, repeating the steps of color registration, no need for various types of tools and materials required by screen printing and thermal transfer methods.

No damage-not only can be printed on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also on soft leather, cloth, cotton and other materials.

Accurate position-avoids the problem of position offset encountered in manual printing

Picture printing-traditional printing methods can not meet the status quo, but universal printers can meet it, fully embodies the strong market potential.

Professional application-the universal printer can perform one-to-one digital printing without the tediousness of plate making.

Diversified printing-once you have a universal printer, you will have a stronger competitive advantage than your peers.


Disadvantages of thermal transfer:

First. The pattern feels hard to the touch and has poor air permeability. It will become softer after washing, but the air permeability is still relatively poor.

Second. When the thermal transfer T-shirt is pulled horizontally, the pattern will have small cracks corresponding to the fabric fibers. This is caused by the characteristics of the thermal transfer itself and cannot be avoided.

Third. The color of the T-shirt will change after being pressed at high temperature, for example, the white will turn yellow. This is caused by the evaporation of the moisture in the T-shirt

Fourth. Thermal transfer uses sublimation ink to print the picture on the transfer paper first, and then transfer it to the surface of the medium. There are several difficult problems: color deviation and positioning deviation. The finished picture is also easier to scrape off and is firm. The performance is poor, and it is generally necessary to spray a layer of protective film. In addition, the transfer of special media also requires flexographic printing.

Fifth. Skilled printing technicians with many years of rich experience are required.

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