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Although these are tattoo stickers, they are more beautiful than real tattoos. Change your mood every day!
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Although these are tattoo stickers, they are more beautiful than real tattoos. Change your mood every day!

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Although these are tattoo stickers, they are more beautiful than real tattoos. Change your mood every day!

Although these are tattoo stickers, they are more beautiful than real tattoos. Change your mood every day!

During the JSP days in high school, I fell into a strange psychological state: I felt that I was not really myself. Although I was able to study normally every day, I could not find my position; sometimes, in order to prove my existence, I even got caught Because of the bad habit of self-harm, my wrist is covered with long and short scars.

During that time, everyone valued academic performance, and rarely paid attention to mental health. When I look back at that time in the past, I suddenly lamented that I could have the power to get out of the vortex and let myself Able to stand in a crowd normally.

For a while, I couldn't face myself, so I always wore long sleeves; but when I started to accept myself, I would boldly show the scars on my arm and tell others frankly "I have done self-harm." Because of the experience, I can understand the distress of those who cannot find themselves!

However, there are too many scars, which will always scare children-so, I started to like to use tattoo stickers to cover those scars (I used to have real tattoos to cover the scars, but after watching it for a long time, I get bored).

Today, I’ll take a look at the fake tattoos I have used-people who don’t like static and occasional small pleasures can pick one thing from the middle and try it.

The first fake tattoo is my favorite juice tattoo liquid.

There are many types of tattoo fluids on the market, in addition to the more common black and blue, there are other colors-I know the colors: red, purple, black, blue and so on. Although the range of color choices is not very large, the tattoos produced can be compared with the real tattoos, and they will last longer. Even on my skin that is prone to sweating and oily, it can be stable for 4 to 5 days

The disadvantage is that this type of tattoo needs a template, and most of it is a filling pattern, so the tattoo made will be a bit dull and not agile. And when applying the juice tattoo liquid, you must be very careful not to apply the liquid to the outside of the template, because they are really difficult to wash after being printed on the skin! Don't let Meitu become dirty spots, so be careful!

Although there is no report on the safety of fruit juice tattoo liquid, things that can be dyed will have some chemical reactions; suggestion: occasionally make a small pattern to adjust your mood, but do not use it often, after all, the skin is very delicate and "natural" mine".

The second type of fake tattoo is the most frequently used tattoo sticker (also used as an embellishment picture for hand accounts)

Tattoo stickers should be the most common fake tattoo. Her advantage is: the drawing is very beautiful, and there are various styles of patterns, so that you can change without repetitive patterns every day. The color of the tattoo stickers is very rich, and the appearance is more delicate, which is not possible with jelly tattoo liquid; and it only needs a simple alcohol cotton to clean it, so when you think the effect of the pattern is not good, you can easily replace it , Don’t worry about soiling the skin.

The disadvantage is: the maintenance time is too short, as long as there is a little friction, the details of the pattern may be destroyed. If you encounter some tattoo stickers with gold powder, it will be a bit difficult to clean. Basically, I will use more delicate patterns on the screen to decorate my account!

Tip: For a period of time, my skin was very sensitive, and some cheaper tattoo stickers were attached. When I wanted to remove the pattern, I suddenly found a little red dot on the skin. If your skin is also more sensitive, be sure to choose a better tattoo sticker, because the adhesive they use is not very irritating to the skin.

The third fake tattoo: Henna cream (similar to the effect of juice tattoo liquid, but safety needs to be considered)

Henna paste seems to be very popular around 2017. I remember once in a night market, I met a little master who helped people draw Henna tattoos; at that time, many people were attracted by the gorgeous designs, so some young MMs would try it. I remember that Henna cream should be red and black, and its color saturation is very high, so when you wash off the cream, the pattern on the skin will be very bright. It is said that it is the cosmetics that Indian women must use when they get married. Every Indian bride on the day of marriage will be dressed up beautifully by these delicate patterns.

Disadvantages: The storage time of Henna Ointment is not as long as that of juice liquid. Once opened, it must be used up within one month, otherwise you will find your Henna Ointment becomes lumps! But its dyeing effect is not as high as that of juice liquid. If you accidentally get it on your skin, use alcohol cotton to remove it immediately, and it will basically not stain your skin!

I once saw a piece of news: It was said that someone used Hina cream and burned his skin. The smooth skin was burned, leaving permanent scars on his body. Although some people say: this is a very rare case, because the person’s skin is very sensitive, this happens; but "don’t be afraid of 10,000, just in case", you must carefully test before use and don’t hurt yourself. Skin!

Summary: If you just want to change your mood, it is more convenient to use tattoo stickers.

Because JSP is a relatively lazy person, and it is easy to get lost in the beautiful patterns, the tattoo stickers that are bought are basically filial to the hand; therefore, the more commonly used fake tattoos are juice liquid-mainly because it maintains It takes a long time, and the effect is close to a real tattoo, so I occasionally use it to embellish the skin.

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