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Application of water transfer printing process
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Application of water transfer printing process

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Application of water transfer printing process

Printed ceramic flower paper. It can be used for the pattern production of various daily-use ceramics such as ceramic tableware and ceramic water utensils, and it can also be used for the production of architectural tiles such as waistline, decorative tiles, and decorative ceramics.

Printed cellophane paper. It can be used for glass drinking utensils, glass bottles, advertising cups, various glass containers and decorative glass.

Printing helmet decals. It is widely used in the production of patterns on the surface of motorcycle helmets and safety helmets.

Sports decals. Such as making tennis rackets, fishing rods and other surface trademarks and signs; decals for metal pipe fittings, such as making patterns and texts for bicycles and motorcycle pipe fittings; making decals on the surface of toy car models, printing wooden decorative paper; fashionable tattoo stickers ; Other decals that are difficult to print directly on items.


1.Printing materials

Water transfer printing technology can be used to decorate most of the daily life products, such as plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, wooden planes and molded bodies. According to whether coating is required before transfer, printing materials can be divided into the following two categories.

(1) Materials that are easy to transfer

Some materials in plastics have good printing performance, such as polystyrene (PS),

ABS, plexiglass, polycarbonate (PC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other materials can be transferred without coating. The transfer principle is similar to the printing principle.

(2) Materials that need coating

Non-absorbent materials such as glass, metal, ceramics, etc.,

And non-polar materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene need to be coated with special coatings before water transfer can be carried out. Coatings are paints that have good adhesion to transfer materials, which can be processed by screen printing, spraying, or rolling. From the perspective of printing, coating technology solves the problem of surface decoration for many materials that cannot be printed. There are many popular transfer processes, such as sublimation transfer, hot melt transfer, ceramic decal transfer, and pressure-sensitive transfer. Printing, etc., all need to be coated on the surface of the printing material.


2.Water transfer products

(1) Telecommunications products

With the widespread popularity of mobile phones today, people are increasingly yearning for the personalized decoration of mobile phone products. In addition to quality, well-known mobile phone manufacturers

The unique appearance is also a hot spot for competition.

Mobile phone shells are generally made of plastic injection molding. Adding various pigments in the ingredients is a more traditional decoration method, but this method has a higher cost and is not easy to change. In the rapidly changing information society, people's aesthetic tastes are changing day by day, which is very difficult to grasp. Obviously, it is difficult to meet the fashion trend of human pursuit of fashion in this way, and the water transfer printing process can decorate the phone shell with more personality and colorful colors.

(2) Decoration industry

The biggest feature of water transfer technology is that it is easy to be personalized, which itself is a patent for young people who like to change and express their individuality.

Therefore, transfer technology is mostly used in occasions where young people are concentrated, such as leisure tea rooms, bar rooms and shop windows, etc., can be decorated with water transfer printing, and water transfer printing technology can be used to change the decorative patterns on a regular basis to obtain a fresh feeling. In the furniture industry, spray paint once occupied an important position. In recent years, the rise of water transfer printing technology,

Changed the current situation of furniture decoration with single pattern, monotonous color and serious environmental pollution.



This is a world that relies on appearance to conquer consumers. If you want to win customers with a permanent face, it is undoubtedly a matter of reason. The performance of water transfer printing technology in the surface finishing of handicrafts should be one of the choices with a small investment. It is difficult to say that there are any special advantages of water transfer printing.

But it must be admitted that it turned many old antiques from the 1970s into the new generation of the 21st century, regaining people's favor. There are countless examples of this, such as wall clocks on the wall, photo frames on the table, and chandeliers on the roof.

Obviously, the advantage of water transfer printing technology is that new decoration methods can be realized on the surface of specific substrates, and the decoration graphics are novel and high-quality. But at present, the operation process of the water transfer printing process basically stays in the tedious manual labor, the precise multi-color positioning cannot be completed, and the mechanization process is relatively slow. These problems limit the further development of the water transfer printing technology.

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