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Application of water transfer printing technology in the automobile industry
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Application of water transfer printing technology in the automobile industry

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Application of water transfer printing technology in the automobile industry

Car modification, to a certain extent, is a manifestation of the owner's pursuit of car personalization, and it is also an expression of personal understanding of the car. Some time ago, the water transfer technology of a wheel modification method popular in the car modification circle is very popular with everyone, and it is definitely a very good modification method for car owners who are pursuing individuality.


There are many ways to modify wheels, such as the most common upgrade of large-size wheels, wheel painting, wheel coating and color change, etc. Then why is water transfer technology popular? Because of the cost of using water transfer technology to modify wheels Relatively lower than replacing the wheel hub, but also longer than the traditional wheel color change and durable time, the most important thing is that the water transfer technology can make the wheel very unique and unique. In theory, as long as the design effect can be designed, it can be realized on the hub by water transfer technology.


What kind of magical technology is water transfer printing? Let's explore the application of water transfer printing technology in car modification today. In fact, water transfer printing technology is not a brand-new technology. We often see "it" in our daily lives.


Water transfer printing technology is a new type of digital imaging technology, it is the use of nano-materials made of special paper and special environmentally friendly ink, to achieve the printing of images on any solid medium. In our daily life, some small objects such as printed porcelain, helmets, commemorative cups and so on are the use of water transfer printing technology to realize the presentation of images on objects.


So how is this technology realized on the car? Its production process is to first use water pressure to hydrolyze the transfer paper/plastic film with color patterns. Then, after computer processing according to the required pattern, it is output to the water transfer base paper for printing, and then the printed decal paper is soaked in water. After a certain period of time, the parts that need to be colored are carefully brought into saturated contact with the pattern on the water surface. After the pattern is completely printed on the part, remove excess water from the part and let it dry. The semi-finished product is then put into a high-temperature room for baking. After the finished product comes out, a layer of transparent cyan paint needs to be sprayed on the surface of the part to ensure that the pattern is closely integrated with the object.


Explore the carbon fiber texture wheels after the hub water transfer technology is completed. Generally, the entire production process of each hub takes 3-4 days. In fact, the water transfer technology can not only be used to change the color of the hub, but for other common Modified parts (such as rear-view mirror housing, enclosure, middle net, etc.) can also be personalized. The biggest advantage of water transfer technology over other color modification methods is that it can provide a variety of unique pattern customization, such as common leopard print, wood, carbon fiber, camouflage patterns, and even task portraits.


Water transfer printing technology is of innovative significance in the application of the automobile industry. The maturity of this technology can bring novel and personalized modification styles to owners who love personalized modification. However, everyone has a different understanding of personality. According to their own perceptions, they can take their own modified route and grow up in groping. Perhaps this is the true meaning of modified life.

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