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Application scope and process flow are introduced in detail?
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Application scope and process flow are introduced in detail?

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Application scope and process flow are introduced in detail?

Water transfer printing technology is a kind of printing that uses water pressure to hydrolyze the transfer paper plastic film with color patterns. The difference and advantage of water transfer printing compared with other printing is: water transfer printing is more suitable for various processed products Material and shape.

There are two types of water transfer technology: one is water mark transfer, and the other is water coating transfer technology. The former mainly completes the transfer of text and pictorial patterns, while the latter tends to complete the transfer of the entire product surface. The overlay transfer technology uses a water-based film that is simply dissolved in water to carry graphics and text.

Because the water coating film has excellent tension, it is simply wrapped around the product surface to form a graphic layer, and the product surface is like spray paint to get a completely different appearance. It is covered on workpieces of any shape to deal with the problem of three-dimensional product printing for manufacturers.


Curved drape can also add different textures to the product appearance, such as leather, wood, jade and marble, etc., while also avoiding the vacant positions that often appear in general layout printing.


And in the printing process, because the product appearance does not need to be in contact with the printing film, it can avoid damage to the product appearance and its integrity. Water transfer printing with a special chemically treated film, after printing the required color texture.


Flat delivery on the surface of water, using the effect of water pressure to transfer the color texture pattern evenly on the surface of the product, while the cover film is actively dissolved in the water, after cleaning and drying, a transparent protective coating is applied. At this time, the product has shown a completely different visual effect.


The scope of use of water transfer printing manufacturers:

1. Auto supplies: instrument panel, control panel, tissue tray, teacup holder, tape holder, rear view mirror frame, operating handle, car lock, etc.;

2. Electronic products: telephone, pager, video recorder, audio, remote control, mouse, wall clock, keyboard, camera, hair dryer, etc.;

3. Room supplies: sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, chandeliers, ashtrays, vases, containers for display, etc.;

4. Daily-use products: box packaging repair parts, tableware handles, glasses cases, pens, pen holders, desk calendar stands, art picture frames, rackets, hair accessories, makeup pens, cosmetic boxes, etc.;

5. Indoor building materials: doors and windows, floors, wall panels, Roman columns, waistlines, etc.;

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