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Are tattoo stickers harmful to the body?
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Are tattoo stickers harmful to the body?

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Are tattoo stickers harmful to the body?

Tattoo stickers are absolutely harmful to the skin. The tattoo stickers use water transfer technology to transfer various exquisite ink patterns to the skin through media exchange. It is mainly composed of three parts: backing paper, polymer adhesive and ink. The heavy metals that may be contained in the ink pigments will also be transferred. The tattoo stickers may also contain plasticizers, which will seriously affect the growth and development of children. The reason why heavy metals are contained is that many heavy metals will show bright colors in the oxidized state and will be used as raw materials for making pigments. For example, most of the red in the pattern has mercury exceeding the standard, mainly because the raw material is mostly cinnabar; the black in the pattern is generally composed of titanium oxide or carbon; the yellow is composed of chromium.


Extended information; according to media reports, tattoo stickers were randomly detected in Taiwan to exceed the standard of plasticizer. In order to facilitate the adhesion of tattoo stickers to the skin, most of them contain plasticizers that cause stickiness. However, excessive plasticizers will damage the user's skin, especially the skin of children and students, and even cause cancer, dermatitis, and vitiligo. skin disease!

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