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Can the wig be curled?
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Can the wig be curled?

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Can the wig be curled?

Can the wig be curled?


It depends on whether your wig can withstand high temperature. If the wig material is resistant to high temperature, you can directly use a curling iron to curl it, or go to a hairdresser to curl it like your hair. Note that to adjust the temperature of the curling iron, the high temperature wire can withstand the temperature of 180-200.


If the material is not resistant to high temperature, then it cannot be curled.


How to curl a wig


Wigs can be curled, just like real hair. The first step is to wet the hair, the second step is to use the curling roller to curl the hair, the third step is to set the hair, the fourth step is to remove the curling roller, and the fifth step is to loosen the curling hair with your fingers, and you are done.


If you plan to curl your wig, first make sure you have a perm curler and make sure it has a low heat set. There is another way to minimize the damage to your wig by curling. If you are curling synthetic wigs, you should spray some water mist on the wig before you perm. This is because synthetic wigs are nylon fibers, which can be exposed to high temperatures. It is very easy to melt, and the mist on the wig can block the high temperature. If you are curling real hair wigs, you can skip this step.


Next, you'll need a thin cloth or a tissue to put between the wig and the curls. These materials dissipate heat, reduce temperatures, and protect the wig. Finally, when you're taking the curlers off, remember to remove them gently, and don't forcefully pull the curlers off the wig. When you finish perming the wig, remove the heat source immediately, otherwise it will damage the hairstyle, and even the wig will be damaged.


If you plan to perm the wig frequently, then you need to buy a special protective cover to protect the wig.

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