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Color matching skills for heat transfer equipment
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Color matching skills for heat transfer equipment

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Color matching skills for heat transfer equipment

The pattern design of the heat transfer machine is different from the simple pattern design. Before the design, it is necessary to clarify the consumer group and purpose of the design, determine the design theme according to the common characteristics and preferences of this group, and then carry out the follow-up design around this theme jobs. For example, to express care, pleasure, and love as the design theme, you can choose a combination of warm and neutral colors. You can choose several reds with gloss changes and caramel colors with texture. Warm and opaque, it looks natural and soft, comfortable and soft. exquisite. Such as expressing vitality, fusion, and freedom, you can choose medium green, ear-lifting purple, rust brown red, azurite, pencil heart, lake blue and light turmeric. The subtle changes in gloss will give people a delicate feeling.


The design of heat transfer machine is originally a practical art. Its ultimate goal is to design the finished product and put it on the market for sale. Therefore, satisfying consumers' consumption psychology is the way to success in color matching. Different people have different preferences for color. Children are lively and active, and generally like brighter and brighter colors: adults are mature and capable, and prefer calmer colors; most young women are full of dreams and romance, and they have a strong preference for pink colors. All colors with high purity and strong brightness have high perception and give people a sense of liveliness, cheerfulness, and excitement.


If the color scheme on a picture is biased towards warm colors, there will be a tendency to excitement and positiveness; on the contrary, if the color is not bright, the perception of 5L uncertainty will be low, and the color scheme in a picture tends to be cool, there will be Quietness is even a negative feeling.

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