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Core water-soluble materials for water transfer printing
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Core water-soluble materials for water transfer printing

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Core water-soluble materials for water transfer printing

Water transfer printing When the wood color and wood grain are selected according to the needs of the design, the surface finishing is also very important. The water transfer layer needs to be protected to increase its wear resistance. In addition, the surface coating has a certain decorative effect, and the depth and color of the water transfer surface coating can bring different expressive power to the wood grain surface. For example, painting will weaken the warmth of the wood and weaken the soft light effect of the wood surface, thereby reducing the texture of the wood, and because the varnish itself is colored to varying degrees, the wood color will become darker when applied to the wood surface. Therefore, finishing will enhance the luxurious, gorgeous, smooth, hard, cold, and calm feelings of the wood. This is also the surface effect that water transfer printing can achieve. Wood has a soft reflection of light, which makes the wood present beautiful natural wood grain and pleasing colors. Therefore, people are accustomed to decorating the indoor environment with wood and making indoor appliances.


However, due to the shortage of solid wood, many precious tree species disappear day by day, and the beautiful and precious wood texture cannot be enjoyed by most people. In addition, because it is derived from the natural environment, it inevitably has some natural defects, which brings great difficulties to the wood industry. In order to meet the needs of modern times, surface printing and other processes are very necessary. Water transfer printing technology provides a broader prospect for wood grain applications. Water transfer printing wood grain imitation mostly reflects the visual characteristics of wood. The visual expressive power of wood mainly lies in wood color, wood grain, and surface finish. Wood grain is a pattern formed naturally. The cross section of the wood presents a concentric circular pattern, the radial section presents a parallel striped pattern, and the string section presents a parabolic pattern. The patterns composed of these non-intersecting and parallel strip patterns on the surface of the wood give people a sense of smoothness, orderliness, relaxation, and ease, and the wood grain patterns on different parts of the wood present a “fluctuation” periodic rhythm, suggesting The fluctuation rhythm of the body's biological clock gives people the feeling of changeable and undulating life movement, which fully reflects the law of change and unity in the modeling law.

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