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Current status and prospects of water transfer printing process
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Current status and prospects of water transfer printing process

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Current status and prospects of water transfer printing process

Science and technology are constantly advancing, and many new technologies have emerged as the times require. As far as the printing industry is concerned, it is not limited to paper printing. Many materials different from paper and physical printing with complex appearance have also put forward tests for the printing industry. In this case, the special printing industry emerged.


As the name implies, special printing refers to a variety of special printing processes with different materials and different shapes. Among them, the most widely used is the screen printing/pad printing industry. In addition, hot stamping and thermal transfer are also popular processes. However, not the above process can meet the requirements of various printing.


With the special printing requirements of many industries such as daily necessities, electronic products, automotive supplies, decorations, medical equipment, room supplies, hardware and building materials, the production of water transfer printing technology has become inevitable. Water transfer printing can be divided into water label and water coating, which has strong practicability and versatility. Here, the editor will give a brief explanation on the current application scope, status quo, market potential, and development trend of water transfer printing.


1: Market application Water transfer transfers the pattern to the surface of the substrate through a special carrier, using water as the medium, so its production process and material costs are higher than ordinary printing, and the production process is more complicated, but it is more versatile A kind of printing method. This is not only because it can achieve printing effects that other printing processes cannot achieve, but more importantly, it has relatively low requirements on the shape of the substrate, whether it is flat, curved, edged or concave, etc., it can meet. For example, daily necessities and decorative materials used in ordinary households, etc., can break the restrictions of other special printing on the shape of the substrate (large, small, irregular, etc.). Therefore, its application range is very wide.


From the perspective of substrate materials, water transfer printing is suitable for materials with smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramics, hardware, wood, plastic, leather, and marble. Water transfer printing does not require pressure and heating during the transfer process, so it is the preferred process for some ultra-thin materials that cannot withstand high temperatures and can not withstand pressure.


2: Market status Water transfer technology originated from Japan, and it has only been 5-6 years since its inception in my country. Although preliminary results have been achieved, from the current water transfer market, the overall development needs to be improved. In terms of market chaos, small scale, low technical content, poor quality, etc., to catch up with the international market level still requires the unremitting struggle of industry insiders.


Due to geographical differences, for example, the coastal area has a more developed economy, and there are more manufacturers engaged in water transfer printing, especially in the 5 provinces of Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Fujian. 80% of the manufacturers are concentrated here, so the profit is relatively low; others The area is higher.


Many manufacturers are too small, which will inevitably cause waste of resources and relatively increase production costs. In the process of eagerly reducing costs, they will inevitably affect quality, not to mention spending great efforts on research and development. Therefore, if we want to develop as a whole, we must rely on the continuous improvement of policies, regulations and systems, as well as the development of the industry itself.


Of course, it takes time to innovate and improve. For the overall development of the water transfer printing industry, it is hoped that peers can abandon their current short-term interests and promote more cooperation and exchanges with each other. I believe that as the water transfer printing industry market continues to mature, the time to change the status quo is not far away.


3:Unlimited market prospects Although there are many problems in the water transfer printing market, its market potential is very huge.

With the continuous development of the economy, consumers have higher and higher requirements for product packaging, coating, and grades. For the printing industry, the concept of printing is no longer the traditional paper printing in people's impression.


From daily necessities to office appliances, and even home decoration and the automotive industry, more, better, and more practical surface packaging are needed. Most of this packaging is realized by transfer printing. Therefore, water transfer printing has a long way to go in the future, and the scope of application will become wider and wider, and the market prospects are unlimited.


Because water transfer printing uses a special carrier to transfer the pattern to the surface of the substrate, the material it uses is also very special. At present, there are many types of raw materials used for water transfer printing on the market, and the prices are also very different. Regardless of the difference, the water transfer printing will be developed in an all-round way towards a convenient and practical three-dimensional direction. The so-called convenience is to simplify the production process steps, which reduces costs and saves time, and it is more straightforward and simple for users to use. Practical is to make a big breakthrough in raw material technology, so as to meet the requirements of convenient users to carry out operations.


4:Personalized water transfer-a new breakthrough in the market

Since water transfer printing can be divided into offset printing, screen printing, gravure printing and other methods, the production process has to go through complicated procedures such as plate making, filming, booting, overprinting, etc., so it is generally not suitable for personalized printing transfer, but only suitable for mass production.


But it is worth mentioning that a few water transfer printing manufacturers are now introducing a brand-new water transfer technology to the market-inkjet printing water transfer.


In the actual operation process, this technology is very flexible. No matter how high the definition of the image is, as long as the resolution of the printer output is sufficient, it can achieve the effect required by the customer. Compared with screen printing, it has more advantages.


Third, because inkjet printing water transfer technology has the above obvious advantages, it is particularly suitable for personalized transfer.

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' consumption concepts are constantly changing, and tailor-made personalized products are increasingly favored by consumers. Personality transfer can fully meet the consumption needs of modern people.


The biggest feature of water transfer printing is its wide application range. With this advantage, the market development prospect of inkjet transfer technology is very impressive.


At present, there are only a few domestic water transfer printing companies that can fully master this technology. Because these companies have integrated their own technologies in the production process, although their technical principles are the same, they have their own characteristics in some subtleties, and therefore each have their own strengths.


In addition, because of low investment, high flexibility, quick results, and large market potential, it is possible to develop from product agency to chain operation. I believe that with the continuous development of the industry, the continuous innovation of technology, the simplification of sales channels, and the maturity of sales models, it will become possible for personalized transfer to enter various fields. This is also an emerging bright spot in the water transfer industry. With the continuous progress of water transfer printing technology, this special printing industry will surely bring more business opportunities and add more brilliant colors to people's lives.

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