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Detailed introduction to the water transfer
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Detailed introduction to the water transfer

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With the development of science and technology, many new technologies have emerged. As far as the printing industry is concerned, it is not only limited to paper printing, but also puts forward a test for the printing industry, that is, there are many materials different from paper and physical printing with complex appearance. Under this circumstance, the specialty printing industry came into being.

As the name suggests, special printing refers to a variety of special printing processes of different materials and shapes, of which screen printing/pad printing is the most widely used.


In addition, stamping and heat transfer are also popular processes. However, the above process cannot meet various printing requirements.

With the special printing needs of daily necessities, electronic products, automotive supplies, decorations, medical equipment, household goods, hardware, building materials and other industries, the production of water transfer printing technology is imperative. Water transfer printing can be divided into two categories: water mark and water drop, which has strong practicability and universality.


Basic knowledge of water transfer printing process:

Water transfer printing is a printing method that uses water pressure to hydrolyze color pattern transfer paper/plastic film. There are two water transfer technologies, one is water standard water transfer technology, and the other is water curtain water transfer technology.


After the colored threads are printed on the special chemically treated coating film or water transfer paper, the colored threads are sent to the surface of the water, and the colored threads are evenly sent to the surface of the product under the action of water pressure. Coating film or water transfer paper should automatically dissolve in water, and wash and dry.


Then a layer of transparent protective coating is sprayed on the surface of the product to form a three-dimensional simulation graphic, so that the product presents different three-dimensional visual effects.

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