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Detailed technical knowledge of water transfer printing
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Detailed technical knowledge of water transfer printing

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Detailed technical knowledge of water transfer printing

Water transfer technology is the latest digital imaging technology that surpasses any printing technology. It is a special paper made of nano-materials and special environmentally friendly inks to print pictures on any solid medium. The biggest technical advantage of water transfer printing is No special equipment, no limitation of media, no special consumables, no high temperature heating, as long as you have picture input (scanner or digital camera), drawing (computer), picture output (inkjet printer) With the addition of water transfer ink and water transfer paper, you can print any picture on any solid object and any curved surface as you want, with bright colors and affirmative photo-level quality. Small investment, quick to get started, easy to operate, suitable for all fields. As long as you buy water transfer consumables, you can learn all the skills.

Skill principle: There are two types of water transfer skills, one is water mark transfer skills, and the other is water drape transfer skills. The former mainly completes the transfer of text and pictures, while the latter tends to perform a perfect transfer on the entire product surface. CubicTransfer uses an aqueous film that is simply dissolved in water to carry graphics and text. Because the water-coated film has excellent tension, it simply wraps around the shape of the product.

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