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How many times can the heat transfer sticker be used?
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How many times can the heat transfer sticker be used?

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How many times can the heat transfer sticker be used?

The heat transfer sticker can be used once.


  1. Sublimation method

This is the most commonly used method. Using the sublimation characteristics of disperse dyes, disperse dyes with a molecular weight of 250 to 400 and a particle diameter of 0.2 to 2 microns are used together with water-soluble carriers (such as sodium alginate) or alcohol-soluble carriers (such as ethyl acetate). Base cellulose) and oil-soluble resin to make ink, and process it on a transfer printing machine at 200~230°C for 20~30 seconds to transfer the disperse dye to synthetic fibers such as polyester and fix it.

  2. Swimming method

   The dye in the ink layer of the transfer paper is selected according to the nature of the fiber. The fabric is first subjected to padding treatment with a mixture of fixing aids and pastes, and then in a wet state by hot-pressing migration, so that the dye is transferred from the transfer printing paper to the fabric and fixed, and finally steamed and washed Isotonic treatment. When the dye is transferred, a greater pressure is required between the fabric and the transfer paper.

  3. Melting method

The ink layer of    transfer paper is based on dyes and waxes. The ink layer is embedded in the fabric by melting and pressing, so that part of the ink is transferred to the fiber, and then the corresponding post-treatment is performed according to the nature of the dye. When using the melting method, a greater pressure is required, and the transfer rate of the dye increases with the increase of pressure.

  4. Ink layer peeling method

  Using the ink that can produce strong adhesion to the fiber when exposed to heat, the entire ink layer can be transferred from the transfer paper to the fabric under a small pressure, and then the corresponding fixing treatment can be done according to the nature of the dye.

   sublimation transfer printing process

Various styles, colors, patterns and patterns required by customers are designed by computer-computer color separation-electric engraving-wheel gravure printing heat transfer paper-heat transfer processing to polyester chemical fiber On fabrics, TC cloth, plush fabric, artificial leather and other different materials, the process printing is more traditional silk printing and dyeing, in terms of the richness of patterns, the clarity of the levels, the bright colors, the degree of vividness and environmental protection It is a popular printing and dyeing process that is highly respected in the world in the 21st century and its products are becoming high-grade.

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