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How to choose the right water transfer film
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How to choose the right water transfer film

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How to choose the right water transfer film

Water transfer film is the treatment of three-dimensional curved surface of irregular objects-it is a whole surface printing. Use pure natural patterns, such as peach wood, marble, jade, leopard skin, markings, etc. After the object is processed, the color and luster are vivid and the image is lifelike. Achieve the effect of false and true. Completely change the surface texture of the object, and the processed product greatly appreciates.


How to choose the right water transfer film? The transfer film pattern can be transferred to the surface of the metal material through the thermal transfer process. Rich in color, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and super durability; it can increase the added value of such products. Using thermal transfer film printing, multi-color patterns can be formed at one time without color registration. Realistic patterns can be printed even with some simple equipment. In this way, the scope of application and the transfer operation can be greatly improved.


PP has higher surface strength, so when we choose the hot stamping process, the pressure is higher and the temperature is higher than that of ABS. The hot stamping temperature of PP is generally 210-220 degrees. In addition, the thermal transfer film of PP material needs to prepare a separate glue layer.


PE material is softer, less dense, poor surface adhesion, but good toughness, so when we choose transfer film, we must pay attention to the glue layer of the transfer film must be thick and the base layer (PET) must have high temperature resistance , The hot stamping temperature of general PE materials is 240-260 degrees.

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