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How to maintain the heat transfer equipment?
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How to maintain the heat transfer equipment?

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How to maintain the heat transfer equipment?

1.Production environment of heat transfer equipment

There is no high-power or radioactive equipment around the inkjet printer to avoid electromagnetic or electrostatic interference from other equipment to ensure the stable operation of the inkjet printer.

2. The protection of the nozzle

To maintain the dryness and stability of the nozzle, the nozzle is a core component, and about 80% of the failures are due to the nozzle factor, so maintaining the nozzle can greatly reduce the chance of failure. How to maintain the nozzle?

(1) Pay attention to the safety protection of the sprinkler, and do not collide or fall;

(2) It cannot be disassembled and assembled without permission, and can only be carried out after passing the training of the company;

(3) Pay attention to cleaning and keep all parts of the nozzle clean and dry;


3.Cleaning of the printer

Clean the inkjet printer in stages according to the instructions and actual conditions of the inkjet printer. Procedure: After the power is off, open the case cover for overall dust removal.


4.Precautions for shutdown

Generally, the nozzles must be cleaned (KGK inkjet printers do not need to be so troublesome). Although imported inkjet printers have automatic cleaning functions, if it is a long-term shutdown and production interruption, the nozzles must be cleaned. , The nozzle is filled with cleaning agent or solvent, which can ensure a smooth start-up next time, and avoid clogging the nozzle and the ink line not being aligned.

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