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How to make fake carbon fiber?
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How to make fake carbon fiber?

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How to make fake carbon fiber?

Let's take a look at how to make carbon fiber texture with fake water transfer technology.


Carbon fiber is a microcrystalline graphite material obtained by carbonization and graphitization of organic fibers. Its microstructure is similar to artificial graphite, which is a chaotic layer graphite structure. Its quality is only one-fourth of iron, but its strength can reach iron. More than 10 times of carbon fiber, so the cost of carbon fiber is very high.


At present, many of the so-called "carbon fibers" in China have evolved from water transfer technology. The camouflage film is floated on the water and sprayed with an active agent. After waiting for a while, only the car parts are slowly immersed in the water and then transferred. After a few revolutions, take it up, wash and dry it, it will be a "carbon fiber" like carbon fiber!


Therefore, many car users often buy the so-called "carbon fiber" and don’t know it. In fact, there are several ways to distinguish between true and false carbon fiber. First of all, real carbon fiber can clearly feel the fiber by hand, which is obviously different from fake carbon fiber. The imitation carbon fiber is just printed with a pattern like carbon fiber, the surface is smooth, and the fiber feel is not felt at all. Secondly, the real fiber can withstand high temperatures and can be burned with an open flame (but the time should not be too long, otherwise it will become brittle), while the fake carbon fiber is just a plastic chemical fiber material, as long as it is burned with an open flame, there will be signs of melting. It will show signs of melting when you bake it over an open flame.


Carbon fiber is absolutely lighter than wood and steel, and the counterfeit is definitely not as light as the real one, and even feels about the same weight as wood. Imitation carbon fiber does not have the light characteristics of carbon fiber but sells for the same high price as carbon fiber.


There is also a kind of high imitation carbon fiber, at best, it is made of glass fiber as the basic material, and then covered with a surface film imitation carbon fiber pattern, and some even directly spray black. Carbon fiber actually weighs only a quarter of the weight of ordinary steel, but it has five times the hardness of steel. If the hardness of diamond is ten degrees, then carbon fiber has 7 degrees. In addition to being light, the biggest feature of carbon fiber is that The immutability of its surface shape. The steel plate deforms after collision, but the carbon fiber does not.


This characteristic of carbon fiber can effectively maintain the basic shape of the overall structure, and its special structural characteristics enhance the ability to resist impact. Having said so much, in the end, all car friends, remember that the benefits of carbon fiber are relative to the price. Don't think that you can buy real carbon fiber at a low price.

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