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How to remove nail stickers?
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How to remove nail stickers?

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How to remove nail stickers?

1. First of all, we use this nail clipper to teach us to cut off the excess manicure pieces attached to the fingernails, just like we usually cut our nails and cut them short.

2. Then we will prepare some cotton balls and tin foil, pour the nail polish remover oil on the tin foil with the cotton balls, and let the cotton balls fully absorb the nail polish remover oil!

3. Then wrap the cotton ball with tinfoil and wrap the fingers of this manicure piece with a layer of remover oil soaked in the cotton ball with tinfoil.

4. Then, after we wrap all his fingers in this at this time, we will wait patiently for 20 minutes.

5. After 20 minutes, we can take off all the tin foil and so on, and then use this tool or hand to remove the manicure on the nail for him.

6. After deducting it, then we use a file to file these, and file the uneven burr directly on it with a file to make it more smooth and beautiful.


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