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How to use nail stickers?
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How to use nail stickers?

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How to use nail stickers?

1. Do the prep work first, trim and clean the nails, treat the edges and polish the surface of the nails.


2. Use nail stickers to compare your fingers and choose the most suitable nail stickers for your nail size.


3. Apply a thin layer of primer on the fingertips to avoid direct contact between the nail polish and the natural oils of the nails, resulting in premature fall off. Avoiding contact can also enhance the fit between the nail polish and the nail, and the bottom The oil can also protect the nails and prevent the pigment of the nail polish from directly depositing on the nails. After smearing, wait for it to dry naturally. Do not dry it with your mouth, which will destroy the smoothness of the nail surface.


4. Square the nail sticker, peel it off and press it directly on the nail for 1-2 seconds, it is OK, if you want to keep it longer, you can selectively apply a little transparent nail polish; save precious time; cooperate with other nail tools High degree of nail polish, paste nail stickers on different colored nail polishes, showing different effects, polishing, polishing and nursing can be DIY;


5. Paste the pattern you like, don't paste it too straight, but it doesn't look good. Personally, I think it's good to have a bigger flower. After sticking, apply a layer of transparent nail polish, so that it is not easy to fall off, otherwise the flower will fall off at once.


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