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Interpretation of water transfer technology
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Interpretation of water transfer technology

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Water transfer is a technology that transfers flat-printed images and texts to the surface of objects of different materials through water. This process is not limited by the product and can be applied to large-area or complex structural parts, but the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the transferred pattern is unstable and easily deformed. The quality of the transferred film is very important, and the substrate stretch rate is very high.

Finished water transfer effect:

Water transfer technology:

Water transfer printing is a very traditional, mature, and very versatile surface treatment process. The process flow is relatively simple, mainly including:

Film printing pattern → film flat water surface for activation → press into water for transfer, etc.

Generally, small products mostly use manual transfer, and large parts (such as auto parts) basically use fully automated transfer, and the yield efficiency will be greatly improved. Although water transfer printing is used more, it is still a relatively new process in some product fields. How to cross-border? How to improve some inherent things of the craft itself, or to combine with some other crafts to achieve a better appearance, is a problem that many professionals are thinking about.

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