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Market space for water transfer image art?
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Market space for water transfer image art?

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Market space for water transfer image art?

1. Market space for water transfer image art: According to statistics, the digital image market is 300 billion yuan a year, and a small county has a market of tens of millions of yuan, and all the technical functions of image production can be achieved by water transfer technology. To do so, the era of water transfers challenging digital image printing has arrived. The huge market space hides endless business opportunities. Seizing the first opportunity is the unchanging market law. People of insight will not miss the opportunity, and the first will be determined. Can be successful.

The target market of water transfer printing: all people and all digital image application fields.

The most prosperous consumer groups: student groups; married groups; tourist groups; elderly groups.

Places with the most business: near schools; scenic spots; photo studios.

The most profitable business: group buying business, collective production business.

2.Development of the water transfer image market: one is to do post-production for the photo studio; the second is to make on-site orders; the third is to develop the collective market such as various social events, the improvement of the office environment of units, and the gifts of enterprises and institutions; the fourth is Decoration of hotels, guesthouses and other places.


3.Matters needing attention in the water transfer printing market: the design should be innovative, the variety recommendation should be in line with the emotion expressed by the customer, consistent with the surrounding environment, and the production requirements must be precise and the price must be high.

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