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Material requirements for water transfer hot stamping process
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Material requirements for water transfer hot stamping process

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Material requirements for water transfer hot stamping process

In the hot stamping process, water transfer printing requires very strict materials for stationery. If proper surface treatment is not carried out, like glass, in principle all materials can be transferred by water, and the novel and unique printing effect of water transfer will be more important. Can stimulate consumers' desire to buy. The disadvantage of the water transfer printing process is that it is difficult to transfer the graphics and text on the base film particularly accurately. The flexibility of the transfer film is the main reason why the graphics and text are easily deformed during the transfer process, but this is also its advantage. Otherwise, it is difficult to transfer the graphics and text to the surface of the entire product with water transfer. Only continuous innovation in the printing method of stationery , The effect of bronzing on wooden stationery will also be very bad, therefore, we must use the necessary primer technology. When we used the paints specially configured for the printing industry in the spray paint industry as a primer, bronzing brought the "faithful friends" of screen printing such as metal and glass closer together. As for wooden stationery, as long as you choose a good paint, the bronzing effect is almost as perfect as paper bronzing. The mystery of water transfer is gradually lost. It is also suitable for non-planar products with relatively smooth surfaces.


Sometimes we often make stationery into more complicated metal shapes, which basically cannot be hot stamped, so the application range of water transfer printing is relatively wide. Water transfer printing is also in fact, many stationery manufacturers are equipped with pad printing, screen printing, hot stamping and thermal transfer equipment, and can adopt combined printing processes according to actual needs. Only those stationery that is beautifully printed and refreshing can arouse the interest of consumers. With the improvement of people's living standards and the growth of personalized demand, the types and forms of stationery are showing a trend of diversification. The competition in the printing market of stationery is becoming increasingly fierce, which puts forward higher requirements for stationery printing. Therefore, if manufacturers want to take a place in the fierce competition, more and more people understand its technical mystery and begin to adopt it on a large scale in the stationery industry. Water transfer printing technology uses gravure printing technology to perform precise printing on water-soluble films. We only need to modify the thermal transfer gravure printing process appropriately to use the water transfer printing process. However, the water transfer process is more complicated than the thermal transfer process. The water-soluble ink used in the water transfer process requires the transfer process to activate the graphic layer on the transfer film into an independent state. , But as long as we bend the fixture and the bronzing plate appropriately, the application range of bronzing will be greater. Round products are one of the more common forms. Although we can easily reproduce printed images and texts through screen printing, hot stamping is required for eye-catching performance, which requires a curved hot stamping machine.

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