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Operation and advantages of water transfer print
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Operation and advantages of water transfer print

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Water transfer film operation requirements:

1:Before the water transfer film, ensure the cleanliness of the product and remove static electricity.

2:The water transfer tank must be clean and thorough, no floating impurities left on the water, and residual ink film floating on the water, the water should be light, too strong water transfer film will produce bubbles.

3:When placing the water transfer film to cover the film, clearly recognize the front and back of the film when placing the film. When the film is not on the front and back, you can use a little water to test it. Put the sticky side on the water, but Be careful not. Splash water on the water transfer film. Pay attention to the film placement angle (30-40 degrees tilt). At the beginning, straighten the water transfer printing film and push it from one side of the water transfer tank to the other, taking care not to generate bubbles.

Application range of water transfer film: automotive supplies: instrument panels, control panels, tissue boxes, cup holders, disk holders, rear view mirror frames, operating handles, car locks, etc.; electronic products: telephones, pagers, stereos, remote controls, etc. Mouse, clock and other room supplies: sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, chandeliers, ashtrays, vases, display containers, etc.

Advantages of water transfer film:

1.Aesthetics. It can transfer natural patterns, photos, and graphics files on the product.

2.Innovation. Water transfer printing technology can overcome the problems of complex shapes that cannot be produced by general traditional printing and thermal transfer, pad printing, screen printing, and surface coating.

3. Versatility: suitable for surface printing of hardware, plastics, leather, glass, ceramics, wood and other products (cloth and paper are not applicable), not limited by the shape of the product, particularly complex or large in area, super long, super wide Products can also be decorated.

4. High efficiency. There is no need to make a plate, and you can directly produce pictures.

5. Superiority. Quick proofing, curved surface printing, personalized painting and non-paper and cloth printed matter with small quantity and many patterns

6. Environmental protection. Residues and wastewater will not pollute the environment.

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