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Overview of water transfer film
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Overview of water transfer film

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Overview of water transfer film

Water transfer film: Water transfer is also called curved surface water coating. Its function is to treat the three-dimensional curved surface of irregular objects-it is a whole surface printing. Use pure natural patterns, such as peach wood, marble, jade, leopard skin, markings, etc. After the object is processed, the color and luster are vivid and the image is lifelike. Achieve the effect of false and true. Completely change the surface texture of the object, and the processed product greatly appreciates. Applications: automotive supplies: instrument panels, control panels, tissue boxes, cup holders, disk holders, rear view mirror frames, operating handles, car locks, etc.; electronic products: telephones, pagers, video recorders, audio, remote controls, mice , Clocks and other household supplies: sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, chandeliers, ashtrays, vases, display containers, etc.; daily-use products: luggage decorations, tableware handles, glasses brown, pens, pen barrels, desk calendar stands, art frame Rackets, accessories, cosmetic pencils, cosmetic boxes, etc.; Indoor building materials: doors and windows, floors, wall panels, etc. Water transfer printing technology is known as a relatively environmentally friendly technology, and it is also the most emerging high-efficiency printing production. It is probably related to its separation from the ink in the printing process. Water transfer uses water pressure and activator to dissolve and transfer the peeling layer on the water transfer carrier film. The basic process is: 1) Film printing: printing various patterns on the polymer film; 2) Spray primer : Many materials must be coated with a layer of adhesive, such as metal, ceramics, etc. To transfer different patterns, different background colors must be used, such as brown, brown, ocher, etc. for wood grain, and white for stone grain. Etc.; three) film extension: let the film lay flat on the water, and wait for the film to stretch and level; four) activation: use a special solvent (activator) to activate the pattern of the transfer film into an ink state; five) transfer: use Water pressure will print the activated pattern on the printed material; 6) Washing: Wash the remaining impurities of the printed workpiece with water; 7) Drying: Dry the printed workpiece, the temperature depends on the quality and melting point of the material Dependent; eight) spray paint: spray transparent protective paint to protect the surface of the printed object; nine) drying: dry the surface of the object after spraying the paint.


There are two types of water transfer technology, one is water mark transfer technology, and the other is water coating transfer technology. The former mainly completes the transfer of text and photo patterns, while the latter tends to complete the entire surface of the product. Transfer. Cubic Transfer uses a water-soluble film that is easy to dissolve in water to carry graphics and text. Because the water coating film has excellent tension, it is easy to wrap around the surface of the product to form a graphic layer, and the surface of the product has a completely different appearance like spray paint. Covering transfer technology can cover color patterns on workpieces of any shape, solving the problem of three-dimensional product printing for manufacturers. The curved surface coating can also add different textures, such as leather texture, wood texture, jade texture, and marble texture, on the surface of the product, and at the same time, it can also avoid the vacant position that often appears in general board printing. And in the printing process, since the product surface does not need to be in contact with the printing film, damage to the product surface and its integrity can be avoided.

The key to the water coating technology is the water-capacitive carrier PVA film, which is currently only produced by a few domestic companies. The company has hundreds of patterns such as imitation wood grain, marble grain, jade grain, leopard grain, grid pattern, dot pattern, camouflage pattern, etc. for customers to choose from. It can also design, make plates, and print various designated patterns on behalf of customers.

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