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Positioning printing and basic operation of water transfer film
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Positioning printing and basic operation of water transfer film

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Positioning printing and basic operation of water transfer film

Water transfer film positioning printing is a new surface treatment printing technology, mainly for curved bodies, curved surfaces, and irregular products. It makes up for the defects of other printing technologies, such as expensive plate opening fees and long production cycles. It can make the product more colorful, realistic patterns, lower cost than other printed surface decorations, and suitable for products of various types and materials, such as wood products, stone, metal, and so on. And its pattern can be selected according to individual needs to achieve personalization. The product pattern is clear and beautiful, strong adhesion, safe and non-toxic, in line with environmental safety standards, light resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance tests.


The management and control of the business steps of water transfer film manufacturers is to set up a flexible business step for the manufacturers, so that the entire manufacturer can be like a production line and quickly adapted to the needs of customers. The entire manufacturing and operation process of the water transfer film manufacturer can Change rapidly in accordance with the adjustments planned by the manufacturer's industry. Business step management and control should deal with the following issues: 1. Well-designed business steps 2. Participants' responsibilities 3. Evaluation of steps and design of business steps: Good business step design is to ensure the sensitive operation of water transfer film manufacturers Core. Clarifying the interfaces between business steps can reduce the degree of coupling between businesses, so that changes to local business steps will not have major consequences for global steps.


Modeling the business steps of the entire water transfer film manufacturer is a very complex and challenging task, but it does not mean that there is no way to follow. Generally speaking, modeling requires handling the following directions: establishing key business steps and auxiliary business steps

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