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Precautions for hydrographics printing process
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Precautions for hydrographics printing process

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Advantages of water transfer printing:


You can transfer arbitrary natural patterns, photos, and graphics on the product, so that the product has the color of the scenery you want.

2.Innovation: Water transfer printing technology can overcome the problems of complex shapes and dead corners that cannot be produced by general traditional printing and thermal transfer, pad printing, screen printing, and exterior coating.

3.Versatility: Applicable to the surface printing of hardware, plastics, leather, glass, ceramics, wood and other products (cloth and paper are not applicable). It is not limited by the shape of the product. It is particularly complex or large in area, long and wide Products can also be decorated

4.Individuation: Do whatever you want, I shape and shape, and any picture is planned by you.

5.High efficiency: no need to make a plate, directly print out the picture, and transfer immediately (the whole process can be completed in only 30 minutes, which is most suitable for proofing).

6.Superiority: Fast proofing, curved surface printing, personalized color drawing, and non-paper and cloth printed matter with small volume and many pictures.

7.Environmental protection: residues and waste water will not pollute the environment;

Tips for water transfer printing process:

Because the surface primer of helmets and other products will have different colors, in order to better reflect the color of the picture, generally use white as a primer before printing each color ink;

Ink and gold oil must be adjusted with their own matching diluents, the general dilution ratio is 5%~8%; Different types of gold oil should be selected according to the temperature or climate, together according to the situation presented in the reposting process , Adjust the hardness and toughness of the film in time;

In principle, the printed products are best sealed and packaged, and the service life should not exceed 6 months.

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