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Printing of water transfer film and production process of plate roller?
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Printing of water transfer film and production process of plate roller?

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Printing of water transfer film and production process of plate roller?

In the water transfer film printing process, the cleanliness of the product should be maintained before the water transfer film is applied, and the static electricity should be removed. The transfer water tank should be clean, and no floating impurities should be left on the water, and no residual ink film should float on the surface of the water. The water should be light, too strong will cause bubbles. When placing the water transfer printing drape, recognize the front and back sides of the film clearly when placing the film. Dip a little water with your hands and try it. Put the sticky side on top of the water, but be careful not to accidentally splash water on it. Water transfer film. Pay attention to the film placement angle (30 to 40 degrees inclination). At the beginning, straighten the water transfer printing film and push it from one side of the water transfer tank to the other. Take care not to generate bubbles. If there are bubbles or film edges are rolled When it starts, it must be pressed by hand or blown by wind to blow away its bubbles.


The production process of the water transfer film plate roller: 1. The printing plate substrate is made. The material of the printing plate substrate is generally seamless steel pipe, and a few are made of aluminum material. 2. The plate roller is copper-plated. Regardless of whether the plate roller substrate is made of steel or aluminum (as long as it can meet the requirements), before the plate-making copper layer is made, the surface of the newly processed base roller must be plated with a pre-plating layer. , There are a variety of methods to choose from. Such as nickel plating, cyanide copper plating. 3. Original (or design) image file production, understand the customer's requirements, whether it is a copy of the original, or redesign based on the original, and then scan the original, requiring the scanned image to be clear, the color as close to the original as possible, and the text lines are clear Do not have ghosts, do not deform the size, etc., and then use professional graphics processing software for production and processing according to customer requirements combined with the characteristics of gravure. 4. Printing plate image electronic engraving production, using Swiss imported engraving machine. After the image file production is completed, the image file is RIPed and then operated on the electrical engraving workstation. The steps are as follows: fixed electrical engraving process, imposition, printing plate, Try carving and carving.

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