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Process operation method of water transfer printing
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Process operation method of water transfer printing

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Process operation method of water transfer printing

1: Keep the film paper at a temperature of 25 degrees and a humidity below 70% to avoid direct sunlight.

2: Operation method of water transfer printing:

2.1: Determine the appropriate water temperature and keep the water surface overflowing.

2.2: Keep the water surface free of activator residues and impurities.

2.3: Place the film and lay the film flat on the water surface at an appropriate angle (make sure the front and back of the film, with the printing layer facing up)

2.4: Set the dissolution time with the water temperature, the water temperature is generally not higher than 27-30 degrees, and the dissolution time is about 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

2.5: The thickness of the Ningbo SAINTKING printing ink determines the time to spray the activator. The thicker the ink layer, the activator can be sprayed in advance before the film is completely dissolved, so that the ink activation time will be prolonged, and the general operating conditions will dissolve about 1 minute and 30 seconds. The activator can be sprayed, and the film can be applied and transferred after the film becomes a mirror surface and spreads flatly (5 seconds-1 second).

2.6: Before applying the film, it is necessary to choose the water angle according to the shape or texture of the processed object to facilitate the air discharge.

2.7: After the film is applied, it should not be picked up immediately. It should be shaken in water for 2-3 seconds to increase the time for asking directions to bite the processed object.

2.8: Activator spraying requires 1.2mm*4-hole spray gun and agitable pressure operation. The spraying distance is about 30cm. The amount of water in the tank needs to be overflowed. The last water needs to be clean. After washing, it needs to be air-dried and trimmed by quality control. Then enter the baking oven.

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