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The application of water transfer film accessories
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The application of water transfer film accessories

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The main processing steps of the water transfer film include: now it needs to be filmed, washed, and dried, sprayed, and the process is realized. Now its coating equipment, washing equipment, drying equipment, spraying equipment, water transfer printing Membrane work is still very important, and the processing technology is also very important, because now the scope of application of water transfer film is also very wide, so we should pay attention to a lot in processing.

So what should be done in the auxiliary materials of the water transfer film now?

1. Current water transfer film curing agent: and current water transfer film is highly reactive, for example, it is sensitive to water.

2. Now we should let it stand for 15-20min.  

3, and now the moisture content on the substrate should not be too high.

4. As long as there is absolutely no water in the current paint, and alcohol solvents are not allowed. 5. The wrong use or the wrong amount of the curing agent for the water transfer film will result in a great change in performance.

6. If it is said that the current one-time one cannot prepare too much, it will gel after a long time.

7. And now the water transfer film cannot be used as a base with physical dry paint. If it is the last thick coating, it is easy to foam. The ordinary type is easy to yellow, but the non-yellowing type is expensive.

8. We absolutely want to have a short shelf life, and the curing agent must be sealed and used up as soon as possible after opening. It must also be that the fully cured paint will not adhere well, and it still needs to be polished carefully.

9. Now the drying speed of water transfer film is greatly affected by temperature. And now it takes about three weeks to completely dry out at 25 degrees.

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