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The principle of water transfer printing
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The principle of water transfer printing

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The principle of water transfer printing

There are two types of water transfer technology, one is water mark transfer technology, and the other is water coating transfer technology. The former mainly completes the transfer of text and pictorial patterns, while the latter tends to perform a complete transfer on the entire product surface. Cubic Transfer uses a water-soluble film that is easy to dissolve in water to carry graphics and text. Due to the excellent tension of the water coating film, it is easy to wrap around the surface of the product to form a graphic layer, and the surface of the product has a completely different appearance like spray paint. It is covered on workpieces of any shape to solve the problem of three-dimensional product printing for manufacturers. The curved surface coating can also add different textures on the product surface, such as leather texture, wood texture, jade texture and marble texture. At the same time, it can also avoid the vacant position that often appears in general layout printing. And in the printing process, since the product surface does not need to be in contact with the printing film, damage to the product surface and its integrity can be avoided.


Water transfer is a special chemically treated film. After printing the required color lines, it is sent flat on the surface of the water. Using the effect of water pressure, the color lines and patterns are evenly transferred to the surface of the product. It automatically dissolves in water, and after washing and drying, a transparent protective coating is applied. At this time, the product has a completely different visual effect.

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