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Thermal transfer process and technology application
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Thermal transfer process and technology application

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The lithographic heat transfer production process, one is to use a film cutting machine to cut the heat transfer paper roll to the required size. The second is to attach the thermal transfer paper film to the surface of the workpiece and place it on the flat thermal printer. The third is to push the plate to the heating zone of the plate heat transfer machine, press the pressure plate switch, and the pressure plate will tightly press the heat transfer paper on the workpiece, heat and keep it warm for one minute. The fourth is to raise the pressure plate, push the work piece to the piece section, remove the transfer film, remove the work piece and inspect it.

Application range of thermal transfer technology:

Thermal transfer technology is widely used in electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials and decoration. Due to its corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, and no color change for 15 years in outdoor use, almost all products use labels made in this way. For example, when you open the phone case, you can see densely packed labels with barcodes inside. Many labels are required to withstand the test of time, long-term non-deformation, non-fading, no wear due to contact with solvents, no deformation and discoloration due to high temperature, etc., so it is necessary to use a special material printing medium and printing material to ensure these characteristics, generally Inkjet and laser printing technologies are unattainable.

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