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Water Transfer Printing Machine
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Water Transfer Printing Machine

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a. The water transfer printing machine is designed for split machine, and the reverse osmosis machine and spraying equipment are designed for split machine. After the machine is designed separately, it will be used for operation. After the machine is designed separately, it can be used for operation.


b. The water transfer printing machine is equipped with a special spray gun to be lighter and lighter, and the atomization effect is better, thereby reducing the consumption of materials. Product advantages: Green and environmental protection: The research and development purpose of electroless silver plating technology is to avoid a series of processes caused by electroplating and other processes. Environmental pollution issues (such as the discharge of three wastes and the treatment of hazardous metals and environmental issues). The nano-color plating process does not have the above-mentioned problems, and it does not contain harmful heavy metals after testing. It is a safe green high-tech spraying technology.


c. The water transfer printing machine is equipped with two rows of spray gun interfaces, which is convenient for guests to upgrade the equipment when the two rows of spray guns are reserved and the production volume increases, and the equipment upgrades when the production volume increases. At the same time, larger equipment can be customized according to customer needs. At times, larger equipment can be customized according to customer needs.


Diversified personalized design process water transfer equipment application

Water transfer technology is a technology that uses water pressure to decompose and activate the polymer transfer film and transfer the pattern to the object. It is called a revolution in the printing industry. It can be said that the products printed by water transfer printing can be seen everywhere in our daily life. The water transfer printing process not only fills in the blank of surface printing technology, but also greatly improves the product grade and added value.


Water transfer printing technology is a high-end surface printing technology that has only been introduced and widely used in China in recent years. It is widely used in products of various materials and shapes, and is basically not limited by the shape of the product. It can print patterns on all parts and corners of the product. For surface printing, it has an irreplaceable absolute advantage. Water transfer printing products have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, and discoloration.


Water transfer printing film adopts first-class printing equipment and imported raw materials, combined with many years of technology development and production experience, the product is full of color, stable quality, more than 1,000 patterns and styles, and can be applied to any water transferable products. The products are sold all over the country. , And exported to many countries and regions in the world, won the praise of customers.

A. Application industries: household goods, toys, shoe materials, gifts, electronic products, automotive supplies, decorations, medical equipment, hardware and building materials, etc. Products in almost all industries are the service objects of water transfer printing.

B. Materials suitable for water transfer printing: metal, glass, ceramics, nylon, hardware, wood, plastics (ABS, PP, PC, PS, PVC, TPU, EVA materials, etc.), leather, stone, etc., all can use water Transfer to achieve a beautiful appearance.


The chemical effect of water transfer equipment

The raw material of the water transfer printing machine uses the principle of chemical reaction to achieve the effect of electroplating by direct spraying, so that the surface of the sprayed object appears chrome, nickel, sand nickel, gold, silver, copper and various colors (red, yellow, purple, green) Blue) Mirror highlight effects such as gradient colors.

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