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Water transfer printing printing decoration
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Water transfer printing printing decoration

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Water transfer printing consists of two technologies. One is water transfer film, which combines the gravure printing process with a unique printing process to turn the PET film into a multilayer printing structure. The final transfer result of the water transfer is complete peeling. The graphic layer is built on the PET film; the other is the water transfer process, which uses a heat transfer silicone plate and a silicone roller to apply pressure to achieve the purpose of transfer. We are always amazed by the advantages of a printing method but at the same time helpless to its weaknesses. When any kind of printing process matures, its control of printing elements becomes imprisonment and restriction. The water transfer printing process is also very suitable for cylindrical stationery products. The unfolding surface of the cylindrical product is flat, which makes the decoration of the cylindrical stationery product as easy as the flat surface. Pad printing is very suitable for those odd-shaped small stationery; water transfer printing is suitable for the entire product surface, the defect is that some local areas are easily deformed, which gives people an uncomfortable feeling. Using pad printing to cover these areas may bring a better feeling. ; Bronzing can burn out a metal layer on a relatively flat surface; water transfer printing is basically only suitable for flat surfaces and cylinders.


Although water transfer printing can get exquisite transfer pictures, in order to highlight the theme or trademark of stationery products, bronzing L O G O or trademarks in eye-catching locations will be able to achieve unexpected results. Compared with screen printing, although screen printing is difficult to find competitors for round products, screen printing still has certain limitations in terms of one-time overprinting. In addition, the surface of the stationery product is not flat but has a smooth transition surface, but as long as the water transfer printing machine with a floating mechanism is selected, exquisite water transfer printing can be achieved. No printing method can replace another method, in fact,. Only by practicing and summarizing all printing methods can we grasp their advantages. Combination printing decoration is another bright spot for us to conquer consumers. The water transfer printing process is very suitable for products such as packaging boxes. Its appearance requires exquisite decorative patterns, and its intrinsic value will be significantly improved. Many stationery manufacturers are equipped with pad printing, screen printing, hot stamping and water transfer printing equipment, and can adopt combined printing processes according to actual needs. Only those stationery that is beautifully printed and refreshing can arouse the interest of consumers. With the improvement of people's living standards and the growth of personalized demand, the types and forms of tools are showing a trend of diversification. The competition in the printing market of stationery is becoming increasingly fierce, which puts forward higher requirements for the printing of stationery. Therefore, if manufacturers want to occupy their place in the fierce competition, only by constantly innovating in the printing methods of stationery, the novel and unique printing effects can more stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

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