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Water transfer printing process
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Water transfer printing process

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Water transfer printing process

The water transfer printing process is first of all the water coating process, (1) the printing of the transfer film, the required graphics and text are printed on the polymer film by gravure printing. (2) Spray the primer, spray different colors on the substrate as needed. (3) Stretch the film, place the transfer film with the image facing upwards, spread it in the water, and wait for it to be flat. (4) To activate the membrane, spray evenly on the surface of the image and text with an activator, so that the activation of the image and text is separated from the base membrane in a free state. The activator is an organic mixed solvent that can quickly dissolve the base film without damaging the layer. (5) Transfer. Place the substrate close to the activated film, and the graphic layer will slowly transfer to the watermark. Pay attention to the water temperature and the transfer speed should be even. (6) Wash with water, take out the substrate, clean the residual film and floating layer on a special cleaning machine, pay attention to adjust the water pressure. (7) Drying should be carried out on a dedicated dryer, and the temperature and speed should be adjustable and controllable. (8) Spray protective film, solvent-based varnish should be mixed with hardener, different substrates are different.


The second step of the water transfer printing process is the water mark transfer. The water mark transfer is a process in which the graphics and text printed on the water transfer paper are completely transferred to the surface of the substrate through water. It is a popular water transfer printing recently. The process is similar to the printing effect of the pad printing process, but the investment cost is lower, and the operation process is relatively simple, which is very popular with users.


Use of water mark transfer: It can be transferred on ABS, PS plastic parts, wood, glass, metal, glass, ceramics, sporting goods (including tennis rackets, badminton rackets, golf clubs, etc.), toys, safety helmets, bicycles , Mobile phone cases, ceramic utensils, candles, roller skates, plastic toys, handicrafts, plastics and other objects.

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