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Water transfer printing processing of decals
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Water transfer printing processing of decals

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Water transfer printing technology is a kind of printing that uses water pressure to dissolve the transfer film/plastic film with color patterns in polymer water. Such as the production of logo marks on the surface of golf clubs, rackets, etc.; water transfer printing processing of wood products; glass flower film. It can be used for glass drinking utensils, glass bottles, advertising cups, various glass containers and decorative glass. Other decals that are difficult to print directly on the product. Water transfer technology is widely used in a wide range of automotive supplies: various instrument panels, control panels, tissue boxes, water cup holders, CD holders, rearview mirror frames, steering wheels, car locks, etc.; electronic products: telephones, fax machines, otherwise it will dissolve the film Glue on the paper. Finished product. Finally, spray a layer of transparent varnish on the surface of the baked product, and dry it for 11-12 hours. The production process of the water transfer film: computer processing according to the desired pattern, and then output the negative film to make a printing plate, and then Print the pattern of various colors on the water transfer base paper (the paper after the special treatment does not need to be processed), and then print the cover oil on the base paper with the printed pattern. Another method is to use color laser printer direct video recorder, stereo, remote control, mouse, clock, keyboard, camera, hair dryer, etc.; room supplies: wash basin, bathroom cabinet, toilet, sofa, coffee table, cabinet, chandeliers, ashtray , Indoor vases, various containers, etc.; mainly used for the pattern production of various daily ceramics such as ceramic tableware, ceramic water utensils, and can also be used for the production of architectural tiles such as waistline, decorative tiles, and decorative ceramics. Popular tattoo film; helmet flower film.


It is widely used in the production of patterns on the surface of motorcycle helmets and safety helmets. Production of decals on the surface of alloy toy car models; foils for hardware pipe fittings, such as logos and texts for electric cars and motorcycle pipe fittings; foils for sporting goods. For plastic products, adjust 60-70 degrees and bake for 60 minutes; candles, helmets or tempered glass may not be baked. Soak in floral film paper. Put the printed floral paper into the water, soak in water for 30 seconds, then remove it from the water, and wait for it to be smooth. Daily-use products: decorative parts of suitcases, kitchenware handles, glasses cases, pens, pen barrels, desk calendar holders, art frames, various rackets, hair accessories, cosmetic pens, cosmetic boxes, etc.; indoor building materials: door and window edging lines, floor , Background wall, etc. Water transfer technology process to make water transfer flower film → flower film soaking → pattern transfer → drying → drying of finished products. Put metal, ceramic, glass and other types of objects in the oven, adjust 140-145 degrees and bake for 20-25 minutes; all kinds of decals and ceramic flowers. Note that the time of soaking in water should not be too long, then print the pattern on the water transfer base paper and then directly transfer the water transfer pattern to the surface of the product to be transferred, and then transfer the soaked decal film to the product Put it on to make it permanently combined with the surface of the product. Finally, scrape off the excess water and dry it.

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