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Water transfer printing screen printing and other problems
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Water transfer printing screen printing and other problems

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With the improvement of the quality of life, the design of automobile beauty decoration in my country is becoming more and more humanized. The emergence of water transfer printing technology is one of the most fashionable design and decoration methods in the machinery manufacturing industry. More and more people choose water transfer printing technology. To decorate and design the core area of the car


1.Beautiful and generous: you can put the natural texture, photos, and graphics files on the product to make the product have the color of the scenery you want.


2.Innovative ability: Water transfer printing technology can get rid of the complex design and blind corners that cannot be produced by general traditional packaging printing and thermal transfer machinery, transfer printing, screen printing, and surface coating.


3.Abundance: Applicable for surface garment printing of handicrafts such as hardware, plastics, leather products, laminated glass, porcelain, wood, etc. Because of its beauty, richness, and ability to innovate, poverty has the effect of revaluing the processed commodities.


4.Humanization: Unfettered and unrestrained, I shape my shape, and all patterns are as you design plans.


5.Accuracy: without printing plate making, the drawing is completed immediately, and the paper is transferred immediately. The whole process of copying is not easy to take a long time and does not delay the time of online customer service.


6.Advantages: rapid pattern printing, inclined packaging printing, humanized color painting and simple volume printing of non-paper and cloth printed materials with many patterns.


The advantage of left and right means that the water transfer printing technology can be so popular.

So what characteristics does he often have?

The left and right refers to the advantages and characteristics of related water transfer printing technology, and we hope to have some assistance to everyone.

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