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What is the market prospect of water transfer printing technology?
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What is the market prospect of water transfer printing technology?

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What is the market prospect of water transfer printing technology?

Market prospects of water transfer printing technology industry. The application of processing technology in the water transfer printing technology industry involves many industries in the national economy, and the market prospect is very broad. Water transfer printing can be made of building materials, such as plastic steel, aluminum alloy doors and windows, PVC ceilings, ceramic wall tiles, cement products, ceramic sanitary ware, and various Roman columns processed into various decorative lines.


The processing technology of the water transfer printing industry includes not only its own processed products, but also foreign contracted processing, and it can also sell foreign dip coating liquids, earning profits through multiple channels. It is widely used in the surface treatment industry, with no pollution, low cost, easy operation and excellent overall performance.


Compared with the previous two generations of processes, the water transfer printing technology now has more complex processing of selected materials and more complex formulations, especially the lines of different materials of wood and marble. Production and processing are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and no three wastes are discharged. Water transfer technology now has more varieties, such as: new waterline, amber grain, leopard print, blue sky and white clouds, camouflage patterns. The texture of the product is natural and lifelike, the marble effect is good, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong. All kinds of wood products can be processed (such as: straight line, curve, broken line, irregular line, regular line, irregular line). The processed product has a clean surface, high gloss and smooth surface. Car interior decoration is finished with wood to improve product quality. Electronic products such as TV sets, mobile phones, phone shells, imitation jade decorations, marble patterns and various wood patterns make them more personalized. Handicrafts, toys and small commodities, such as fashion products without pattern frames and vases decorated with various patterns, increase the added value of the products and have a wide range of applications.

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