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What materials are suitable for water transfer printing
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What materials are suitable for water transfer printing

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What materials are suitable for water transfer printing

What are the materials suitable for water transfer printing:

Water transfer printing is suitable for most materials in daily life, such as plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, and woodware. According to the need for coating, the printing materials can be divided into two categories. Water transfer printing does not require equipment, water transfer equipment refers to water coating transfer equipment. Water drape transfer equipment is the main hardware facility to complete the water drape transfer process.


Water transfer printing is a process that completely transfers the graphics and text printed on wood transfer paper to the surface of the substrate. It is a recently popular water transfer process. The printing effect is similar to the pad printing process, but the investment cost is lower. The operation process is also relatively simple, which is very popular with users. The water transfer printing process does not require activation by an activator, is not polluted by organic solvents, and has obvious advantages in the production of handicrafts and decorations. The reason why water transfer printing is also included in the water transfer technology is that the transfer process relies on water to separate the graphics and text of the paper from the paper. The graphics and texts of water transfer printing are much more detailed. For products with complex shapes and larger products, but with smaller graphics and text areas and more printing colors, water transfer printing has a competitive advantage. Such as helmets, bicycle accessories, ceramic cups, resin crafts and so on.

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