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Why water transfer printing has become the mainstream?
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Why water transfer printing has become the mainstream?

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Why water transfer printing has become the mainstream?

With the continuous advancement of modern science and technology, many technologies that people have never dreamed of have come into being. Take the printing industry as an example, now people are no longer satisfied with printing directly on paper. Many materials different from paper and physical printing with complex appearance have put forward a test to the printing industry. A new term was born at this time, that is: water transfer printing, but the most popular at this stage is water transfer printing. It has a wider range and market potential.

The application range of water transfer printing is very wide, and almost all printing industries cannot do without water transfer printing technology.

The principle of water transfer printing is actually very simple. It uses water as a medium to transfer the pattern to the surface of the substrate through water transfer paper. This is also one of the main reasons for its popularity.

It has many advantages, here are a few: For example, the craftsmanship is exquisite, the cost is very low, it saves manpower and material resources, but it is also very environmentally friendly.


How to operate water transfer printing, the operation method of water coating

The transfer process and main points of the water mark transfer sticker:

1: Cut out the pattern and immerse it in warm water at 25 to 40 degrees Celsius.

2: Take out the transfer paper after about 30 seconds to 1 minute. It is found that the pattern can be slid on the paper surface, that is, it has been separated from the bottom paper, and the soluble sol on the paper surface has also melted, making the paper slippery.

3: After the natural drying is sufficient, the varnish baking treatment can be carried out. Note that it must be fully dried, otherwise there will be bubbles after baking and waste products. The bubble condition is a common phenomenon in the post-treatment process of water transfer. It must be solved by analyzing the reasons from whether it is dry, whether to use supporting solvents, and whether the transparent varnish is selected properly.

4: Because the adhesive film layer has a certain degree of toughness, when scraping the moisture under the pattern layer, it is necessary to wipe the moisture while allowing the pattern to fit and adhere well on the irregular surface. This is also the largest of the water transfer method. advantage.

5: Clean the surface of the object with water, drag the bottom paper with one hand, and hold the pattern with the other hand, then drag the pattern onto the surface of the object by dragging. After aligning the position, use water transfer paper or a rubber strip to evenly dry the pattern layer. Make the pattern stick to the surface of the material, and then use a clean absorbent cloth to dry the water, and the pattern has been transferred.

6: The water transfer decal paper is used in conjunction with the post-processing process, and the printing is beautiful and bright, especially for the pattern on the irregular surface. It is suitable for a wide range of materials, strong and beautiful, and never changes color.

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