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Working principle of water transfer printing equipment
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Working principle of water transfer printing equipment

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Working principle of water transfer printing equipment

Water transfer printing equipment is a process in which water is used as a medium to transfer the pattern on the printed material to another medium. Water transfer printing equipment generally adopts a drape transfer method, which is easy and convenient to use. The water-soluble material is used to make a film, and the film is used to carry pictures and texts. And because this kind of water drape film has good tension, it is easy to form a graphic layer on the surface of the product, which looks like a spray of paint. This technology can be suitable for many shapes, whether it is flat or curved, and the formed graphics and text layers are all complete.


The process of water transfer printing equipment is divided into many steps. Water transfer printing uses a special chemical method to process the film, and uses the pressure of water to transfer the pattern from one object to another. And if you need to polish the transferred object before the transfer using water transfer, after polishing, the object can become flat and smooth, so that the pattern after the transfer can be smoother and more delicate, and the adhesion is also More stringent. After polishing, it is necessary to spray a layer of paint on the transferred object to cover the color of the product itself, so that the effect obtained after the transfer can be better. After the final transfer is completed, the transferred product needs to be dried. After the paint is completely dried, the product will be transferred, which takes about 40 minutes.


The application range of water transfer printing is also very wide. It can be applied to metal, plastic products, electronic products, household appliances, stationery, tableware, daily necessities, packaging boxes, glass products, helmets and so on.

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