Ningbo SaintKing is a manufacturer of of printing high definition water transfer films since 2013.
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Ningbo SaintKing is a manufacturer of of printing high definition water transfer films since 2013. We have been supplying films to many famous brand companies all around the world, and these work experiences have made us an irreplaceable role in water transfer printing business. Not only printing Heat Transfer Sticker, but we also make water transfer decals, pressure transfer decals, special screen printing to supply a completed chain of product. The advantage for water transfer printing is the part takes on the color and design of the pattern through water pressure. With this manner, decoration is possible for many sizes, shapes, and flexible hydro printing kit, water printing kit related products such as  sports and leisure products, home appliances, toys, stationery, furniture, fishing gear, handicrafts, tourism products, home decoration and other products; suitable materials: plastic, metal, bamboo and wood products, ceramics, glass, candles and other materials  are all in the scope of water transfer printing process.
With the expansion of the Ningbo SaintKing Product line, and with the purchase of new top of the line printing equipment, Ningbo SaintKing is committed to staying on the cutting edge of the water transfer printing process. Ningbo SaintKing is leading the way with short new pattern development time and quick lead time to turn around on film printing orders. Offering total solution service to qualify customer demands from pattern development, water transfer film, equipment, technical support, to after sales service. Ningbo SaintKing still keeps perusing the leading way and meeting all requests with completed supports.
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