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Nail Sticker
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Nail Sticker

  • How to use nail stickers?

    1. Do the prep work first, trim and clean the nails, treat the edges and polish the surface of the nails. 2. Use nail stickers to compare your fingers and choose the most suitable nail stickers for your nail size. 3. Apply a thin layer of primer on the fingertips to avoid direct contact between the

  • Are Nail Stickers Disposable?

    Nail Stickers are not disposable. Jelly glue, which is very popular now, can be reused after clearing the glue, but if it is glue, it cannot be reused. It is easy to operate and easy to disassemble, and the nail stickers generally last for about a month, but it depends on the material of the nail st

  • How to remove nail stickers?

    1. First of all, we use this nail clipper to teach us to cut off the excess manicure pieces attached to the fingernails, just like we usually cut our nails and cut them short. 2. Then we will prepare some cotton balls and tin foil, pour the nail polish remover oil on the tin foil with the cotton bal

  • How long do nail stickers last?

    The sticker manicure generally lasts for 1-2 weeks. If it does not fall off automatically, you can stick it for a month or 20 days. However, it is recommended to remove it after a week. If the sticker manicure lasts too short, If it is damaged due to external force, it can be filled with nail polish

  • Will nail stickers damage nails?

    1. Will nail stickers damage nails? Nail patches are harmful to nails. Frequent manicures can easily induce these unhealthy nail symptoms. Everyone likes to use fake nails, which is a common nail patch. Trimming certain shapes of nails can adversely affect the health of the paronychia. Nails may gro

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