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  • Principle analysis of water transfer printing technology

    1: The principle of water transfer technology-technical introductionA type of printing in which the transfer paper/plastic film with color patterns is hydrolyzed by water pressure. As people's requirements for product packaging and decoration increase, the use of water transfer printing is becoming

  • Water transfer printing printing decoration

    Water transfer printing consists of two technologies. One is water transfer film, which combines the gravure printing process with a unique printing process to turn the PET film into a multilayer printing structure. The final transfer result of the water transfer is complete peeling. The graphic lay

  • Water transfer printing process analysis

    (1) Film activationSpread the water-coated transfer film flat on the water surface of the transfer water tank, with the graphic layer facing up, to keep the water in the water tank clean and basically in a neutral state, spray evenly on the graphic surface with an activator to make the graphic The l

  • Water transfer printing processing of decals

    Water transfer printing technology is a kind of printing that uses water pressure to dissolve the transfer film/plastic film with color patterns in polymer water. Such as the production of logo marks on the surface of golf clubs, rackets, etc.; water transfer printing processing of wood products; gl

  • Application of Water Transfer Film on Accessories

    The main processing steps of the water transfer film include: now it needs to be filmed, washed, and dried, sprayed, and the process is realized. Now its coating equipment, washing equipment, drying equipment, spraying equipment, water transfer printing Membrane work is still very important, and the

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