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  • difference between IML process, water transfer process, and thermal transfer process

    From three aspects, what is the difference between IML process, water transfer process, and thermal transfer process?1. Material aspect:a: The base material of the IML printing pattern: PET sheet, usually 0.125mm and 0.188mm high-stretch PET sheet;b: Substrate for water transfer printing: special st

  • Detailed introduction to the water transfer

    With the development of science and technology, many new technologies have emerged. As far as the printing industry is concerned, it is not only limited to paper printing, but also puts forward a test for the printing industry, that is, there are many materials different from paper and physical prin

  • Principle analysis Type of water transfer printing technology

    1: The principle of water transfer technology-technical introductionA type of printing in which the transfer paper/plastic film with color patterns is hydrolyzed by water pressure. As people's requirements for product packaging and decoration increase, the use of water transfer printing is becoming

  • Precautions for hydrographics printing process

    Advantages of water transfer printing:1.Aesthetics:You can transfer arbitrary natural patterns, photos, and graphics on the product, so that the product has the color of the scenery you want.2.Innovation: Water transfer printing technology can overcome the problems of complex shapes and dead corners

  • Water transfer printing screen printing and other problems

    With the improvement of the quality of life, the design of automobile beauty decoration in my country is becoming more and more humanized. The emergence of water transfer printing technology is one of the most fashionable design and decoration methods in the machinery manufacturing industry. More an

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